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Access the step by step details and learn how to make Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath without frustration or distractions
You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is
What's Going To Happen
Step 01
After submitting your name and email you will be immediately taken to a Thank You Page where you'll receive instructions on the supply list and how to access the step by step video.
Step 02
We will send you a follow up email with details on how you can watch the training video over and over again. Just incase you click off before you finish the training or if you need to revisit it.
Step 03
Make sure you join our free Facebook group so that you can share the bows you made with us.
Meet your trainer
Mellie Mel from Sincerely Creative Mom

Mel specializes in handmade bows, Pancake wreaths, multiples, hosting classes and teaches thousands of students every week for The Makers University Creative Classes. 

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